What OFSTED say about us

OFSTED visited Acorns at the end of January 2012 and again at the beginning of June 2015. On both occasions Acorns was awarded OUTSTANDING across all areas.  Here are some excerpts from the most recent report.

‘Children flourish at Acorns whatever their ages or abilities under the exceptional care and teaching of adults who want only the best outcomes for each child. Staff place children at the centre of all they do. Children have a great deal of fun.’  OFSTED, 2015

‘Staff create varied play spaces filled with enticing resources and activities that children explore eagerly. Outdoor play is central to the pre-school’s ethos and children happily spend hours outside engrossed in their experiences. Children make significant progress from their starting points.’ OFSTED, 2015

‘Links with parents and other professionals involved with children are outstanding. The manager perseveres to obtain extra support and funding so children who need additional help get it. This means staff prepare children thoroughly for school.’ OFSTED, 2015

‘Relationships across the pre-school are excellent. Children are extremely secure. They trust the staff who meet their physical and emotional needs to an exceptionally high standard.’  OFSTED, 2015

‘The manager provides thoughtful leadership and is an excellent role model to her staff team. All constantly seek ways of improving the pre-school’s service with clear aims.’ OFSTED, 2015

If you would like to read the full report please click here