New photos and what we have been doing at Acorns

We have added some new photos to our ‘Acorns in Pictures’ page.  Take a look when you get a minute.

We never seem to get a moment to share what the children and staff get up to.  However, that last few weeks have been so much fun we have made an extra special effort to tell you all about it!  Photos of some of the activities are on the ‘Acorns in pictures’ page.

The children have been learning about growing, planting cress and growing beans in jars.

The home area has been a builders yard and the children have enjoyed building and balancing with planks and boxes inside, using the small step ladder to climb and tape measures to measure.

Outside they continued this theme using wood with hammers and nails. The children have also been really interested in mark making, drawing and painting inside and outside using large paint brushed with water, paint and also pavement chalks. When the sun finally came out they showed an interest in shadows and drew around them on the patio.

We have been grouping the children for Letters and Sounds activities and the younger children have been making listening ears to take with them on listening walks whilst the older children have been learning alliteration and some early phonetic sounds.

On Wilderness Wednesdays the children have been looking for mini-beasts, investigating dead wood and looking under stones and logs, they have been reading the story of the Hungry Caterpillar.

The staff have been sharing their outstanding practice and enjoyed showing North Wraxall Pre-school how we run our Wilderness Wednesdays.