The Twelve Ways of Supporting

It is the season of giving so here are easy ways to raise money for and support Acorns…

On the 1st day of Christmas we finished the milk and kept the lid (we collect all plastic milk bottle tops in exchange for cash)
On the 2nd day of Christmas I remembered a last minute present I needed so logged onto,registered as a supporter of Acorns Pre-school and then clicked through to the online store I needed (we get a percentage of the sales value and it costs you nothing)
On the 3rd day of Christmas the children ate masses of breakfast and we emptied the cereal box so I cut the coupon off and took it to Acorns (we collect Nestle Box top coupons and exchange them for books)
On the 4th day of Christmas I printed my Christmas letters and used all the ink so I took the old cartridge to Acorns and ordered a new one online clicking through (we recycle ink cartridges for cash)
On the 5th day of Christmas I had a clear out of old clothes and those I couldn’t resell put in a bag and kept for the Bags2School collection (more details to follow but this will be in January sometime)
On the 6th day of Christmas I heard that Laura Sidhu is organising another Scarecrow Trail. I know Laura has her hands full with Theo, Oscar and Violet so I offered to help out (we are always looking for help with fundraisers if everyone does a little bit it makes such a difference, and its fun!)
On the 7th day of Christmas I saw a post on Acorns facebook page which I found interesting so I liked it, liked the Acorns page and shared it with my friends (we use facebook to post information about Acorns, Early Years, fundraising and anything else we think might interest you, the more people that see it the better)
On the 8th day of Christmas I realised it was going to be horrible dragging the children around the supermarket doing all the food shopping for the holidays so I clicked through to my supermarket of choice and booked an online delivery
On the 9th day of Christmas I treated my nearest and dearest to a new phone for Christmas so I put the old one in a bag and took it into Acorns and put it in the box behind the door (we recycle old mobile phones for cash)
On the 10th day of Christmas I was getting up to date with my paperwork and found the Acorns’ Gift Aid Declaration which I had forgotten to fill out so I completed it (we can claim back tax from HMRC on any donations if you have completed and returned your gift aid declaration at no cost to you)
On the 11th day of Christmas I put an extra pack of toilet roll and bag of dry fruit in my shopping basket because I know every little bit helps and donations are always appreciated (just ask Paula what they need first!)
On the 12th day of Christmas I started to think about my New Year Resolutions and made a list of all the skills I had and the new things I would like to do.  I realised how much I had to offer, and could gain from, becoming a Trustee of a Charity so I called Claire (07801 056647) and found out a bit more about Acorns Committee.